Fishing Report Chena/ Gulkana & in between


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Apr 25, 2006
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Rifle River MI
Chena River - Excelllent fishing even after the rain! We have flippen Hoppers already and more carpenter ants than you can shake a stick, and to top it off there has been a may fly hatch from heck Hell I thought I was back east!

Delta Clear Water - Grand as always!!!!!!! Nice fish pushing 20 inches to boot.

Gulkana from Sourdough Landing to Pop Grove is to pick up plan on fishing hard for your fish which is about the same I could say for the forks.
Large amount of fish pushing through the Bridge today with water dropping to very fishable levels!!!!!!! Fair amount of Reds which is a nice thing to see prior to August. Back Bouncing anything has been picking up fish but Roe is King (No Pun) still a fair amount of Rainbows being caught as well which is also nice to see.

The Klutina is speaking for it-self :)

Tight Lines hope to see ya on the River.


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