Empty Kayak found in Katmai


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Jan 14, 2008
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Homer, AK
A friend at Hallo Bay Camp sent out this email regarding a Kayak found on the Katmai Coast. Figured I would post it here, to see if anyone has info.

As of this time Sunday, June 22, we have information that an additional dufflebag (dri-bag) has been located in the area of the kayak. The red and white kayak was of the tubular frame/fabric covering design with many patches and repairs. The documents in the bag indicate the owner may be a man of French nationality. All of this material has been turned over to the KNP people. We have not heard any word from the NPS as of this time and it is our understanding that the Alaska State Troopers are now involved.

Discussing this incident with Bill Sims this morning we have come to believe the kayak driver may have come from the north and got into trouble attempting to make landing on the peninsula, Douglas Reef, Kiukpalik Island or even the Shakun Islands in the high surf conditions indicated by our daily weather reports about the time of these very high tides of the year. (one bag was located at the very highest tide line) Based on our experience we believe the two bags would have been bungee-strapped to the kayak and perhaps broken off in the rolling surf conditions. An experienced sea kayaker would also have had a tether cord to his/her kayak in event of being dumped. Of course we can conclude many scenarios, but we are pretty sure the fellow is not too far away, hopefully was was wearing a dri-suit and able to get to shore on one of the reefs or small islands.

We have sent our plane this morning to search the offshore islands in the area and our guides to keep a close eye out along the coast as they go about their duties.

Lacking any further information all we can do is keep our eyes open and hope for the best, but it does not look too good for the kayak driver at this time.

Anyone with any information regarding this kayak or its owner please contact the Alaska State Troopers


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Jul 1, 2009
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Wow, bummer... I hope it all turns out alright! Good luck and be safe to all of the search and rescue folks!

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