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Apr 25, 2006
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Eagle River
This is a sweet pack. I was looking for a daypack to use snowmachining, atv, day hunts, hikes. The gun scabbard is very nice and actually works! It caries your gun very snug, yet is still easily withdrawn for use while still wearing the pack. with practice you can even stick it back in the scabbard while wearing the pack. Ive used scoped rifles and non scoped. as well as a double barreld 20 guage. Im thinking next year I will use it fishing and carry my shotgun in it. Its that comfortable!

Next it will also carry a bow. I havent tried this under field conditions. I have tried it just at the house and it seems to hold it very well also. It to can be withdrawn very quickly, but not be put back in while wearing the pack.

Also I have found that my snowshoes fit very well in the bow holding pouch. And yes You can have those in, plus a rifle.

The pack fits me pretty decent. Im 6 foot, average build, maybe a little pudgy. Sometimes I think that the waist belt rides a little high though. The back pads are firm and thick. They keep sharp objects in the pack off your back. The straps are nice also.

I like the hydration pouch also (not included but there is a pocket for one. I used an old camelback one). I find that I keep myself hydrated better when all I have to do is suck water outta a straw now and then. I dont like stopping much, and dont like taking my pack off alot, those two things always seem to keep me thirsty.

The material (eberlestock calls it NP1) is soft, tough and waterproof.

im kind of dissapointed with the lack of alot of pockets, but honestley for a daypack you dont need alot.

The waist belt is removable so you can use the pack as a carry-on a little easier.

Well I am pretty excited that I bought this pack and thought I would share. check out their website. www.eberlestock.com

Oh yeah, price was 109.00 at sportsmans.

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