Easy Baby Kuspuk


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Apr 30, 2009
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Uh, Willow?
Here's a project if you're into sewing and a little stir crazy or cabin fevered.

I trace generously (about 3/4ths inch) around a one piece footie suit to make patterns for arms, body, and hood to make these super cute baby kuspuks. This ones for my daughter. She is due any second and wearing it home from the hospital.

Each kuspuk takes about a quarter to half yard of fabric plus lace trim in whatever shade you like. I hand sew the finished kuspuk to the zipper or button lines on the footie suit. They make great baby shower gifts. This one took me an afternoon.

For a hood I trace the neck line and make a hood with a gusset to give it a more round shape. Ruffle was the same - I added about four inches to make the gathers.

No pattern needed!
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