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Do you have any halibut/moose/other to share or trade for fine beef jerky?


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May 26, 2008
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An old friend of mine will be in Ketchikan the morning of June 5th and he wants to know if you'd like to share some of your fish/game in exchange for his beef jerky.

He's interested in Halibut or moose mostly, but would be ok with any tasty Alaskan treat. He is able to get deer and elk himself at home but would be looking for anything else that is tasty.

He on the other hand is a master craftsman when it comes to beef jerky. He personally taught me how to make jerky in the 80's. For the past 20 years he professionally makes and sells his beef jerky online; it is the only jerky I ever eat, and even though we're friends I have to buy it from his web site. But its good enough jerky that I do.

Here are his flavors of jerky: http://www.beefjerky.com/flavors.html

Personally the black pepper has always been my favorite, until this last year where I like the hickory a bit better since its milder for my stomach without the pepper, and I really like the taste. I've never liked sweet jerky but he has those flavors as well. This is not any ground and reformed crap, this is whole slices of real beef. I should mention that the black pepper recipe is my friends oldest original recipe that he was making back in the 80's in a fridge converted to a smoker; now its done professionally but is essentially the same recipe.

Also, as a side benefit, if you ever wanted to know anything about making jerky yourself, this is the #1 guy to teach that.

If you're interested in sharing some of your harvest with a guy that will share beefjerky back, let me know and I'll try to help hook you up.

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