Couple of good deals on new 2012 Hewescraft in central WA

Cap'n Ron

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Jun 7, 2007
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Here are two listings I noticed looking at boats for someone else, they are at Northwest Marine and Sport in Pasco, WA. Being in the middle of the dry 2/3 of WA State, they often have new boats a model year (or two) old, on the lot. Just the hull sits on the lot, the motors and some options are put on later. At around $90K for a new Pacific Explorer and in the low $80's for a 26' Alaskan, I thought these were too good not to pass on. I bought my boat new from them in 2008 under a similar deal and was able to get an even bigger discount with a little haggling, saved another $6K on the motors(which are twin Yamaha 150's on these two, not the 115's you see most places)...savings way more than pay for the haul up to AK $89,995 $83,495
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