Cookin porkeys?


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Feb 10, 2011
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Outta Big Lake
I had a little ADC work this week and ended up with a bunch of porky meat, I was gonna fry it up like I would moose (fillet the meat off ad cut into little cubes, roll in flour, and fry with my favorite seasonings), got quite a bit of meat, so I am willing to try different recipies.

The only thing I am concerned about is, it stunk like crazy. I killed it quickly and cleaned it with in 15 minutes, so is the meat gonna be alright? I looks like pretty good meat, I'd hate to waste it.

I am selling the guard hairs, prolly to "Moscow Hide and Fur" and I was wondering, What the heck are they for? they must be pretty valuable to pay $20+/Oz for em.

Thanks! I usualy don't shoot porkeys cause I ust like watching them, and learning their habits, but they were causing problems at some folks house, so I had to be done.


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Jan 4, 2009
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Central Kenai Peninsula
I shot a couple last fall. I boiled the meat to get it off the bone and then in a seperate pan heated it up with barbeque sauce and made sandwiches. Kinda like pulled pork but pulled porquipine sandwiches.
My fiancee has made several pairs of earrings from the trimmed quills. She made several styles with beads mixed in and they turned out pretty nice.
Check the pantry forum and use the search feature there were several receipes when I looked last year.