colony of beetles looking for food!


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May 22, 2014
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Ontario, Canada
Hello everyone!

I am a young skull cleaner that stared boiling and not have moved onto beetle cleaning. I have a sizeable beetle colony of my own now and am cleaning skulls all year round. I am in the middle of making my own website for this as well. I use the skulls in my personal collection as a presentation for schools, high school and elementary to teach urban kids about animals and the niche's in the wild. It is an amazing way to have kids see real live examples of animals they see only on TV. I am a certified teacher but really enjoy just volunteering my time to present these animals to classrooms around Ontario. I have a beetle colony that needs more food and I would be happy to beetle clean skulls for another head to add to my collection. I am motivated to gain specimens for my personal collection and see as many animals as I can. I can also talk with you about prices to clean heads for you for no heads in return. I truly love this hobby of mine and would be willing to talk to anyone about working out something we both enjoy. I can also trade skulls that are native to my area with skulls that are native to yours. I have met a lot of people through this hobby and I plan on hopefully working with many more.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone!