CMP South Store and Talladega Marksmanship Park


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Nov 24, 2006
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If you are interested in obtaining a M1 Garand and are even close to the CMP South Store in Anniston Alabama go to the store and pick out your M1 in person.

Recently our family vacation landed us in Huntsville which is only a couple hours drive from the CMP South Store and the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. (The CMP range is about 20 minutes from the South Store).

Son Travis has been wanting a M1 ever since shooting one several years ago. So we HAD to make the pilgrimage to the CMP South Store. It also just happened that Project Appleseed was having a Known Distance, (KD), for AS instructors the first weekend we were in the area.

Well of course that meant “ROAD TRIP”!

While doing research on the CMP store to make sure we got the most of our pilgrimage we ran across the CMP forum and the South Store reports by Tom, aka PH68.

Tom is a retired gentleman and M1 Garand expert that visits the South Store nearly every day. He posts a report on what M1s are in inventory when the store opens in the morning.

I had been emailing Tom for about two months prior to our store visit to get recommendations on what M1 son Travis might be interested in getting.

Tom is the real deal! We learned more in the hour or so that we spent with Tom at the CMP store than I did in months of reading up on the M1.

Tom was very generous with his time making sure these two Alaska Garand novices were able to get just the right rifles for us.
With Tom's help Travis picked out a great CMP Special. Travis used his rifle to shoot a Project Appleseed KD Rifleman score at the CMP range. Using his "new" 1942 SA he did excellent on all distances especially 600 yards.

The staff at the CMP store are all great! They were as excited as we were with our treasures. The staff are all experts and help you inspect your rifle prior to purchase. They made our purchases a breeze.
Travis got a nice bayonet and Tom even found us a nice ’44 GI sling.

Of course we had to take the rifles to the CMP range for a test fire.

What an amazing range! It is like a country club for shooters. The targets are electronic and you instantly see your hits on a video screen. No working the pits or walking to the target line.

The CMP South Store is a must visit for any M1 enthusiast.



Jan 22, 2017
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Great report Thanks! Congrats on the rifle and the good shooting.

CMP at Anniston holds a M1 Garand Class and you get to build a M1 Garand from the bare receiver. Then you can buy the one you built.

Creedmore HQ is in Anniston on the old army base as well, and well worth a visit. They also have a gun store in town.

Don't forget the M1 Garand Matches. Alaska Rifle Club has a few each year. Wood and Steel guns