Can anyone take my 12' lightweight skiff Fairbanks to Valdez?

Cap'n Ron

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Jun 7, 2007
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Bear eating my inflatable dingy solved! bought a little 12' lightweight semi-vee skiff, at 124 lbs about twice the weight of my AK Series inflatable tender, but I don't think the bears will bite or at least EAT aluminum like they did the tender. To help things along, I named the new boat "Tasteless" :proud:

So I bought it from Salcha Marine in Fairbanks over the phone....I'll be up in Valdez on May 20; the salesman said he had a guy going down next week that likely would take the boat to Valdez for me, but also said he would call today and I haven't heard from him.

Just in case he doesn't come thru, anyone on the forum going from Fairbanks to Valdez in the next two weeks and have room in the back of a pickup or a bigger boat to take this 12 footer to Valdez? Gas money or whatever money will be chipped in! You can drop the boat off at my friends house in Robe River subdivision, about 3 blocks off the Richardson Hwy just before you get to Valdez.

You can call me on my cell 208-669-0143 or email me at [email protected]