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Apr 25, 2006
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New Black bear story.. This story happened yesterday wednesday may 3rd 2006...
I was working nights down at Happy Valley, and walked about a mile from camp looking for any sign of wolves or bears. two weeks ago I saw a couple of sets of wolf tracks about a half mile from camp, so I Headed in that direction to see if they had an established route.. No bear sign or wolve. just an Ermine and some snow shoe rabbit tracks. Oh yeah I did jump a spruce hen along the way. and a Cow and year old calf moose stood in the edge of the Birch forest watching me from 100 yds.
I went back to camp and checked the Tradio Adds from that day on the radio station website.
I dialed the number and a very stoned sounding fella answered the phone with a " Hello Dude"
I asked about the canoe, and he told me he had just got home and had like 5 messages from people that had called on the canoe already that day.. I said, well if its not banged up to bad and doesn't leak , I will take it sight unseen..
he said OK but was not sure of leaks... I said,, well.. I will be out in the morning after I get off my night shift to check it out, if it is still there... He said OK, but I bet its gone....
I hung up,, and tried to think of any friends that lived close to Nikiski that could run over tonight and get it if was worth it.
no one came to mind, so i continued looking at the Tradio web site.
FOR SALE 1984 Ford Bronco II does not run, has body cancer and comes complete with the squirrel family that lives in the backseat.

after a few more posts like this, I came onto anouther Item that caught my atttention,
FOR SALE. 40 foot Insulated Conex with Refrigeration unit.

Ok,, now that is something I can use. so I called the guy.
I could tell he was from Northern Maine originally from his strong accent. He had bought the Conex trailer to store his home furnishings while he built his new home overlooking Cook inlet, with a beautiful view of Mt Redoubt ( an Active Volcano). I aske where he lived and he said " Wik Road in Nikiski".. Hey that is the same road as the guy with the Aluminum canoe...
Ok Rodney,, I said,,, I will be out in the Morning as soon as I can drive the 60 miles from work to your place and check out the Refrigerated Conex,,, by the way Rodney,, there is a guy selling an Aluminum canoe that lives on your same road, probably your neighbor... Rodney said,, is it that stoner dude?
Yes I said,, unless you have several people living on Wik road that are stoner dudes?? LOL
He said he would drive over and look at the canoe and if it looked good, he would pick it up for me..
He called me back in 10 minutes and told me the canoe was in the back of his truck, and I owed him $150 bucks...
I showed up at Rodneys home at 7.30 am and I saw the canoe sticking out of the back of his Dodge 4x4... COOL I said.. I knocked on the door and My new friend Rodney just yelled from somewhere inside the home to come on in..
I entered the mud room and as all alaskans do,, removed my sshoes before entering the main part of the home.
Rodney and his wife Karen greeted me from the kitchen and offered me a cup of coffee. we visited for a while about where they were from and how they had built the new home on the bluff over looking Cook inlet.
Rodney was a retired Fish and game officer from Northern Maine, Karen a retired School teacher and both happy to be in Alaska. I noticed 3 rifles leaning over by the big window overlooking the little 3 acre area before the hill dropped to the ocean. I asked what he was shooting at, and he said, Well Karen shoots the squirrels with the 22, I shoot at the Coyotes that pass by with the 223, and I got the 375 out so I could get it ready to go out after bear this weekend with his buddy Bob. ( Also a transplant from maine)..
As we visited and I paid for the canoe, I was spell bound by the beautiful view he had. Our conversation turned to us going out and checking the Conex, when suddenly I noticed a Black spot in the Alder patch at the edge of the meadow near the bluff... " I think that is a bear over there Rod! " I exclaimed.... Rodney grabbed his gun and loaded 3 shells to the Porch and then a steady rest on the railing the 375 lept a few inches and the heavy report of the 375 broke the Morning silence...
A beautiful 5 and a half foot black bear with a shinny long coat was laying quiet in the edge of the meadow.
Well Rodney... I said,, looks like we are going to have to take a look at the Conex later.... I walked down to the bear with Karen and Rod. What a beauty...
I asked him what I could do to help, and he said ,,head on home and get some rest, he could bring the Honda 4 wheeler and a trailer down and take care of the bear..
When I pulled into the yard at my home an hour later, my wife said,, " looks like you have been busy" as she pointed to the canoe.. Yeah I said.. Just an average day in Alaska.. I bought a canoe this morning, spotted and watched a black bear being taken, and bought a Conex ...
Good night Honey...
Wake me in about 6 hours will you?
No way she said... " You are only safe when you are asleep"


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May 11, 2006
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funny you should say that akmud...

funny you should say that akmud...

...seems just last night, that very thing DID happen! A bear was shot, although less sportingly than the one in akcanoes story.
Also last month, they shot a coyote in Central Park. Seems the locals were too scared to leave their homes when they heard about a big bad wolf living there.


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Apr 25, 2006
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black bear luck

black bear luck

The only thing better is when they come right to your cabin door and knock to come in. Had to deal with that!


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