Best satellite cell plan?


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Oct 5, 2009
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Tanana Valley AK
Tell him not to go crazy cutting trees in the belief it will help. Of the two folks I know who have tried it, one is on a tower, and the other on a mast atop a high roof with few obstructions, and their experience is same as you describe. When the two nearest satellites are over eastern Russia and western NW Territories respectively, no amount of tree cutting is going to help you. If you have the ability to monitor on a PC while you test the actual starlink on another machine you can see pretty exactly when/why you do or don't have signal.
I spent several hours yesterday with a friend who is testing it. It's pretty much just a very expensive nonfunctional novelty at this point. You have to have a second ISP running to be able to monitor the satellite locations to know when you might be able to connect for a minute or two... then you switch from your usual ISP to starlink, mess with it for a minute or two, until: "yeah, so now we won't be able to connect again for about two hours"...and you go back to your regular ISP to continue whatever you were doing. Total waste of money until there are a lot more satellites overhead.

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