Bear Baiting and Sent Lures

Nov 16, 2010
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Q. I was interested if scent is considered baiting. I'm including off the shelf type products and I'm also including the use of "honey burns" basically burning honey in a pan. Does using these scents require you to register a bait stand?


Thank you for your question. This is a very common question that we field each year near the start of the baiting season in the spring. If you are using bait or sent lures for black bear, you must obtain a permit. The regulations in this area are changing constantly, so make sure that you contact your local office of Alaska Wildlife Troopers annually before you hunt to make sure that regulations have not changed. Thanks AWT

5 AAC 92.044. Permit for hunting black bear with the use of bait or scent lures.

(a) A person may not establish a black bear bait station to hunt black bear with the use of bait or scent lures without first obtaining a permit from the department under this section.


5 AAC 92.085. Unlawful methods of taking big game; exceptions

The following methods and means of taking big game are prohibited in addition to the prohibitions in 5 AAC 92.080 (4) with the use of bait for ungulates and with the use of bait or scent lures for any bear, except that black bears may be taken with the use of bait or scent lures as authorized by a permit issued under 5 AAC 92.044;

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