Are Sea Lions Dangerous to Be Around?


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Oct 5, 2009
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Tanana Valley AK
I’ve been a commercial diver in SE for 30 plus years. I have had many many run ins with lions. I have jabbed them in the belly with my geoduck stinger, been pinned on the bottom by a huge bull, and harassed by 7 at once pulling on my fins and hose. Most of the time they just scare the crap out of you because you are not expecting them. They come at you really fast! I have never been bitten, but I have gotten out of the water because of being harassed to the point of not being very productive. Sea lions don’t preclude me from making a jump but I don’t like it.
My biologist friend tells about them being really inquisitive and playful when they're under water. They capitalize on that to lure the young ones close enough to be lassoed so the surface boat crew can haul them aboard to take samples, measurements, etc.

It's probably not the kind of attention a non-sealion biologist diver would find very endearing though.
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