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Anyone surfcast in Seward?

The Kid

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Apr 14, 2009
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Los Anchorage
I've never been to Seward in all the years I've been here but it looks like I'm headed that way this weekend. I've got a buddy who has a cabin down there and he's been inviting me down for years I just haven't been able to go.

He doesn't have a boat anymore, and I don't think my 12.5' Monkey Wards SeaKing is going to cut the mustard for this trip. He's been curious about shore casting and mentioned it to me as a possibility for some cheap fishing. I used to fish big surf rods for catfish in lakes back home and still have some of my gear. I'm planning to buy a rod this week and probably put my Penn 320gt on it. I have a lighter rig as well, 8' rod similar to what I've seen guys use for rockfish and lings. It has a big for freshwater, small for salt sized Okuma level wind on it, thought I'd take it as a spare.

I doubt we'll tie into a big halibut but we'd be happy catching about anything to be honest. If I'm catching fish I'm happy, throw most of them back anyway.

Anyone have any any suggestions or pointers? Not certain what length/weight rod to buy, don't want to spend a pile of money. For catfish I always rigged a weigh about 18" above the hook so the bait can roll around in the current, assuming that will work okay? Any input appreciated, thanks guys.


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Jan 18, 2008
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There may be some reds showing up in the next few weeks. On the other side of the bay.

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