Another Great Weekend


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Apr 25, 2006
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We had another great weekend at camp.

Geese numbers are way down. Swan numbers too. Ducks seem to be getting into big flocks and we are also seeing a lot more divers. We had cold temps, but the weekend was pretty mild. No snow yet, but have had plenty of frosty mornings.

The first picture is of our set.


One series of pictures is of Vader making a 100+ yard retrieve. As he comes in, he is looking to the side for another bird we have down. He brings it up, drops it and stands by the pile in the blind.



In the picture with Vader and all the birds stacked up, is a weekend's limit. He will be 8 years old in 12 days. He has over 220 retrieves this year. That's not bad considering he had major surgery the first week of August.


I think we'll have another weekend of this. Everything seems to be late this year and I'm sure that will include the birds.


very nice Kusko, beautiful looking Lab. glad it's been good. Hoping for the same to show up around Kenai. So far there are nothing but merganzers below skilak and the flats in Kenai hasn't had many birds flying through. However I shouldn't say that because I have not been out there every morning at dark. From what i've heard it's been very slow. Hopefully, we will get swarmed. I had the truck loaded and was going to drive over but then decided to save the gas since no ducks seem to be around in numbers