Alexander Lake Update

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Mar 11, 2011
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Southeast Alaska now, too many crazies in the mad-
We went fishing with tip ups and poles. Used herring for bait on treble hooks and on spoons through about 30" of ice. Saturday we caught 10 pike in our group. Most on the rod & reel with herring. Largest was 28" fun stuff.

Trail was excellent. Stayed at the Luces Mile 9 on the Yentna River. Great time. No overflow (Sat. & Sunday 3-26 & 27-11), good food, 12 miles on good trail from Luces to Alexander Lake. Fish where the holes are near the outlet to Alexander Creek. Beautiful weekend. Seven of us.

One fish caught today. Very slow, very sunny, the other anglers weren't catching much either. They checked with us. We left at 3 pm. Back to the landing by 7 pm with a pop stop at Luces on the way home. Sunglasses were needed....