Alexander Lake Update

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Mar 11, 2011
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Southeast Alaska now, too many crazies in the mad-
My wife and I fished Alexander Lake Saturday and Sunday. We did better today after checking many spots on the lake. We took snowmobiles from Deshka Landing parking for 2-days $18.00. 18 miles down to Scary Tree and another 7 or so up to Luce's Lodge, then about 10 - 12 miles to Alexander Lake from Luce's. We stayed 1 night at Luces with 2-dinners, and 2-breakfasts plus tax $117. Well worth it. Took 2 hours from Alexander Lake to the Deshka Landing non-stop towing a sled and running 20 to 30 mph.

We caught 5 pike today and 1 pike landed Saturday. The largest pike I saw landed was about 10 - 12 #s. Nice fat head. Beautiful trip. Fun stuff. Fish weren't huge but enough activity to make it pretty fun. Fillets will be nice too.

See you at Big Lake next saturday. :)