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Apr 25, 2006
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Kink Alaska surrounded by sled dog kennels, a fabu
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The calendar-save the date, shows quite a few events, even sporting dog events, happening the same day come mid summer. It looks like a busy year.
Both Arctic Bird Dog and Greatland NAVHDA are holding training classes and seminars (they both took ads out and we thank them for their business) Fairbanks Retriever Club is starting in the next week too, already mentioned in another post. I talked to Jon Hann yesterday and his seminar to be held in Cantwell with GNAVHDA looks really good. He works with both upland and retrievers. He was very specific in his thoughts about letting the dog work independently and training the handler to train the dog to work that way. (Plus I got some great tips FREE for Jack)

I get the feeling that DockDogs won't happen this year. With only a few people knowing how to run the event (or even volunteering) and the cost of insurance and venue DockDog events look unlikely. Alaska can really be inconvenient for some sports.

If there are any changes to the save the date calendar please let me know. 1) I got everything from the websites 2) I'm not perfect
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