AK kayak fishing 2022


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Apr 28, 2018
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AK resident stationed in Norfolk. Heading home on the 3rd of June. Need to renew my driver's license, and due to change of situation I need to drive my truck back down to the lower 48.

Everything seems to be rented out already, however I did manage to score a yurt at the Seward military resort from 4-9june 2022. I sold my nice hobie when I transfered from San Diego unfortunately but it would be a pain to fly up anyway. Will head home to Soldotna to visit friends/relatives and go to the salmon festival 10-12th of June. Thinking of heading to Homer from 12-15june with maybe a stop at ninilchick/anchor pt/whiskey gulch. Start driving back to lower 48 of 15th-ish.

I am thinking of getting a FS10 angler from Cabela's/bass pro. Something cheap to get on the water while I'm there. I suppose I could just shore fish, or use that $500 for a fishing trip instead, but I suspect a cheap kayak will get me out more while I'm home, and that size fits in the back of my short bed better.

Does anyone want to meet me for some kayak fishing in Seward/Homer/cook inlet? The Yurt in Seward has 3 cots, and I can have one non military affiliated guest. Likewise on the lower peninsula I'll have a tent/campground, and should be able to share the spot. Just looking for some pointers to help catch kings/halibut while on the water, as it's been a while. I have had all my rabies shots, a requirement for the Navy. Haven' t seen much on the forums about kayak fishing in 2022.



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Mar 15, 2019
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Do you have a Kokatat (or another dry suit)? I'd be willing to take you out kayaking, but probably not for your first trip in a $500 kayak from Bass Pro; and absolutely not if you are lacking a dry suit.

If you end up going down this route, I strongly encourage you to fish in Homer. Other common places to kayak fish in the Cook have currents that are anywhere from 3-6kts, it is very difficult to fight against the current for an extended period of time while paddling with your arms. I know guys that do it, but I personally wouldn't be launching anywhere besides Homer without a Hobie.

There is a guy named Jody who is opening a "kayak fishing" tourist business in Homer and selling Stealth kayaks, you might see if you can connect with him - that will probably be more safe than trying to sort it all out yourself with a $500 budget.

Also, call up Alaska Raft and Kayak in Anchorage - they have a rental Hobie for $100/day and it comes with a Kokatat and the necessary safety equipment.