Ak Hunting News: Part of 40-Mile Caribou Hunt Closes Nov 30



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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is closing a portion of the winter hunting season by registration permit RC867 for Fortymile caribou in Unit 20E at the end of the last day of November. The portion closed is that part south of an east-west line that passes through milepost 60 of the Taylor Highway (64°00’01’’ North latitude).

According to an ADFG Emergency Order, large numbers of Nelchina Herd caribou are present in the southern portion of Unit 20E and therefore are at risk of being harvested under registration permit RC867, which is intended for Fortymile Herd caribou. No harvest of Nelchina caribou is allocated to Unit 20E, and take of Nelchina caribou in other units during state and federal hunting seasons is expected to meet the harvest objective of 2,000 bulls and 1,000 cows.

Minimal reduction in opportunity to harvest Fortymile caribou in Unit 20E is expected from this closure. Less than 5% of the Fortymile herd is in the portion of Unit 20E where the season is being closed.

From an ADFG Emergency Order dated 27 November 2006

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