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Alaska's wolf management program has landed back in court with another challenge from the Defenders of Wildlife and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that groups "asked the court last week to halt the program authorized in 2003 by the state Board of Game. A similar court challenge launched by the Connecticut-based group Friends of Animals was not successful in putting an end to the program."

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OPINION: In their usual tiresome refrain, the litigants claim that Alaska does not have the science and the information needed to justify wolf control programs. It is almost as if decades of Alaska's investigation of predator prey interactions counts for nothing. It makes me wonder if what is really happening is that the "wolf control card" is just a sexy way of raising funds.

Managing wolves in Alaska is done at very little environmental cost and returns benefits to Alaskans and others. When compared to the very real issues of global warming, depletion of ocean resources by over fishing and habitat damaging gear, rain forest loss and much more, wolf management ranks very low on the threat scale. There are only so many dollars in the hands of Americans concerned about conservation issues. Why waste them on legal fights over issues that have negligible environmental consequence?

David Johnson

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Apr 25, 2006
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At the State Fair

At the State Fair

last Friday I saw this Group getting people to sign a petition.
I told my wife that I should go over and pretend to sign the paper and then just take the already signed petitions and run...
That is an emotional thought I had - just like the way they run their operation. Based on Emotions, those signing the Petitions are not the user groups from places like Lime Village or other places so effected by wolf predation. this happened on Friday,, and on Saturday I Headed over to Dillingham for some business.
I returned from a two day visit to Dillingham yesterday. I stopped in and met with two of the Native agencies based in Dillingham. When I asked the question to these people about what has happened to the Caribou and moose population in their respective areas, the first words were predation from Wolves and Bears, and then they talked about herd movement and parasites as the reasons for the herds decline.
These people live and use these areas for subsistance life.
I spent part of a perfect blue bird day up at Wood river lakes and saw many native people drying fish and heading out to hunt Moose.
The Emotions go out the door when you see people struggle to find Caribou and Moose in these areas. The hard reality hits you hard that these people that want to save the wolves have no understanding or even care about these good people that live in Alaska's remote places.
talking to one fellow he said that with Fuel prices at the pump in Dillingham at $4.60 per gallon for unleaded, and heating fuel prices doubled in just 2 years that the crunch is really hitting home.
Now with the decline of Caribou populations in the area, the community is asking those that hunt the area for donations of meat.
I talked to Janet Schlagel from Bay air and she said many have asked her to call them if people would like to donate meat this year.
I know many have posted on this site many thoughts about the meat donation thing. I know for a fact that the meat will be happily recieved here in Dillingham this season, Yes,, in past years they had too much, but it seems like feast or famine sometimes and now is a good time to help if you can.
I will be in Dillingham for a week long trip next week and hope to bring some meat home, Making sure I take excellent care of the meat and making sure the gifted meat is the finest quality for our good friends in Dillingham.
If you get to the fair and visit the booth for the petitions, its ok with me if you decide to grab the signed sheets and run.... lol
In addition I would ask that the folks wanting signing on the anti wolf hunting petition take their booth out to Dillingham or Lime village, Togiak or any other Alaska Village and see how many sign the dotted line... Again the user group is left out of the mix.

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