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Just in time for hunting season, Alaska State Parks has improved four river access sites in two of the nearby state parks used for hunting access. Visitors to any of the four sites will find the roads graded and leveled, parking space expanded, and new directional signs in place.

Three locations along Chena Hot Springs Road now provide improved access to Chena River gravel bars where trailered boat launching is allowed in the Chena River State Recreation Area. These three sites are strategically located at mileposts 27.9 (the west end), 37.8 (the middle), and 44.1 (the east end of the recreation area). At MP 27.9, the two-mile access road has been graded and leveled in the worst spots and a parking area cleared near the gravel bar. At MP 37.8, also called the First Bridge, the short road to the gravel bar has been graded and leveled and widened along one side for extra parking. At MP 44.1, also known as Third Bridge, the small parking area has been graded and leveled and brush cleared to make more room for vehicles with trailers to park. By providing more parking away from the river access point, State Parks hopes visitors will keep the access to the river open for others to launch. All boat launching, trailered or hand-carry, is allowed at these three sites. Trailered boat launching should occur only at these three sites to protect the Chena River salmon spawning habitat.

The other river access improvements have occurred at the Salcha River State Recreation Site, on the Richardson Highway at Mile 321.4. The rutted roadway has been graded and several new parking spots have been added along the exit road. We expect overcrowding again this hunting season at this parking lot and barrier rocks have been added to protect the grassy mounds from damage. Signs were added to clarify where parking is allowed. Overflow parking is also encouraged on the gravel bar, water level permitting. If there are questions or problems, the volunteer campground host will be available at their campsite near the parking lot entrance.

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