Ak Fishing News: Applications deadline extended for Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board Seats



Ak Fishing News: Applications deadline extended for Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board Seats

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From Alaska State Parks Current News:

tThe deadline for submitting applications to be considered for one of five board seats on the Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board has been extended to September 29. The KRSMA Advisory Board is recruiting for up to five new board members to serve as public member representatives on this board. The KRSMA Board is a 17 member Advisory Board comprised of 9 members representing a broad spectrum of public interests, and 8 members representing various state or federal agencies or local government. Incumbent board members whose terms are expiring this year may also indicate their desire to continue on the board and may be reappointed.

The KRSMA Advisory Board meets monthly except for the summer months and advises the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources on issues related to the management of the Kenai River Special Management Area. The Board will be working on the continuing implementation of the recommendations in the Kenai River Comprehensive Management Plan. Some of the special projects that the Board will be addressing over the coming year include reviewing the most recent boat wake study that evaluated wakes produced by different types of boats with different passenger loading, direction of travel, planning or plowing and multiple boat wake effects. In addition, the board will be pursuing recommendations made earlier this year regarding horsepower restrictions and recreational user education.

Landowners, sport or commercial fishermen, recreational boaters or others interested in Kenai River habitat, fish or wildlife resources or recreation issues are urged to apply for a position on the Board. Persons interested in being considered are encouraged to contact Alaska State Parks at 262-5581 or the Kenai River Center at 260-4882 to pick up an advisory Board application.

An application can be downloaded here.

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