30 Sep report plus pic


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Aug 29, 2006
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Wasilla, Mallards on the move 20 flocks of 30 plus birds comming off the flats 1 Drake Pintail, Mallards and a couple of Widgeon was slow big time fog rolled in from flats. The big flocks of Widgeons have not showed yet. Hell not all the Mallards are down this week should start to be hot I hope


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nice goin. 20 plus flocks, geez that's a ton of ducks on the move. last fri, sept 29th I hunted for the first time this year. I got to the blind probably 1/2 hr too late or I would have probably had a limit but it was good to get 4 ducks for the dog. only fired 5 shots all day but managed to shoot straight with 3 widgeon and a teal. I had a flock of widgeon mixed in with teal of about 200 in that bunch. it was the biggest flock I had ever have come into me in my entire life. gun jammed after the 2nd shot.

Question: When one lives in the wintering grounds of Calif, like I did for 47 yrs, you would see ducks in the sky moving and all that but up here, I don't see that. You guys who hunt above anchorage and them places; do you have to wait sometimes all day to get 5 ducks? Every time I have hunted, I haven't seen strings of birds high. Maybe I just don't hunt enough because it's kind of hard to sit out there and not see a duck for more than an hour. If it's cold enough I don't mind getting a few shots every hour or so.

Living here in ak for 2 yrs now, I guess I just need to time it right and be out there when they are coming through because I've noticed geese here but they only stick around for a day or two and then they are gone. same with the ducks, unless they are someplace else. They could be anywhere in swamp alaska.