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Thread: Kiln to dry my bowls

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    Default Kiln to dry my bowls

    Needed a way to dry my roughed bowls rapidly. Luckily I found this insulated cooler. Drilled a few holes on the top, put in a heat lamp, fan and some shelves. My plan is to stand it on end, put some wheels on it and install shelves.

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    Do not let it get to hop and start a fire, would ruin your whole day.

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    How fast do you need them dried? I have a friend that uses a microwave to deal with quick drying. Also saw a deal on tv where a guy used and old up right freezer and a 100 watt light bulb but that took a while depending on wood. The freezer would be less likley to catch fire as well. He would control the heat/airflow with a rount tin drilled over a hole in the upper side. One screw and you could swing it open as much as you needed and tighten the screw would hold it.



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