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Thread: are there any air taxis in acrtic village?

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    Default are there any air taxis in acrtic village?

    Hey folks,
    I was wondering if any one had some knowledge of any airtaxis in arctic village. I am doing some trip planning and trying to decide which trip would be the most affordable.I am trying to get as close to the north side of the brooks range via scheduled air then hopefully catch a taxi to schrader lake. I can catch ataxi from coldfoot and fort yukon but i havent been able to locate a taxi service out of arctic village. Flying costs plenty into the anwr and i might have to abort and do atrip into bristol bay instead.I have always wanted to see the north slope though.
    Thanks in advance

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    Wrights air service fly into ARC but Im not sure if they go out. I would give them a call.

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    There are no air taxi's in Arctic Village but Kirk (Yukon Air) stages out of there quite a bit in the summer and fall and has a gas pump at the airport.

    Wrights flies to Arctic village seven days a week and will also do charters anywhere up there you want to go.

    Are you planning to go to Schrader lake in the winter or summer? Neither Wrights or Yukon has a floatplane. If you want to land on the lake your best bet would be either Brooks Range or Bettles Lodge out of Bettles or Shadow Aviation (Andy Greenblatt) out of Fairbanks. Charters out of Bettles would probably be cheaper.

    If you just want to see the North side of the Brooks, there are schedules to Anaktuvuk Pass. If the weather is good you can see the North side of the North Slope from there. Not part of ANWR but some real nice scenery....Louis

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    Cheapest way to Arctic village is the scheduled mail flight that goes out of Fort Yukon. Andy would be a fine choice for a ride to the lakes, so would Coyote Air out of Cold Foot would be another choice. How about Walt Audi "Arctic Flyers" out of Kaktovik? Thats the close one to Schrader but I dont know that he has a float plane... just call information in Kaktovik (Barter Island) You will recognize Walt, he looks just like Jerry Garcia.


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