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    We have a three year old husky mix that we rescued when she was a puppy. She is lean and mean and faster than hell. She has a beautiful easy gait that reminds me of a wolf. Looks like she could just run for days. And unfortunately she is very unhappy with us. My husband and I live in Palmer and work in Anchorage. She spends a lot of her time penned up. Our neighbors are big dog people and let her out occasionally to run. Her favorite is running behind the ATV. But it's not enough for her she needs more running time. She lives to run. I'm thinking I should probably give her up but I'm not ready to let go of her yet. Any ideas on what I could do? Is there maybe a doggie daycare sort of place that would run her? Or anyone interested in getting together on the weekends to teach her to run in a harness?
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    All I can say is get her out as much as you can...leash walks, free running behind an atv is great when some cross country skis and a harness and get out there and learn to skijor. Make it about more than just making your dog happy, make it about doing something with her that makes you happy too...

    Good luck


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