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Thread: ultimate boots?

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    Default ultimate boots?

    Ok, who better to ask than a bunch of mushers. I'm looking for opinions on the ultimate practical warm boot. I've used Baffins and the good old bunny boots. What do you guys recommend?

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    While not technically a musher, I spend plenty of time around dogs and plenty of time out so here goes....

    Many of the mushers I know prefer a combo of a mukluk (usually Steger) and the Neos insulated over boot. This seems to be a pretty good combo and while warm is also fairly light weight. I've seen some mushers who wear a pair of insulated hiking boots or even just tennis shoes inside their Neos. I've tried this combo out wearing mukluks (True North Boots from Empire Canvas Works) inside of Neos and found it to be quite warm and comfortable too. Depending on what type of mukluk used they seem to be as warm or maybe a little warmer than bunny boots. I think the flexible sole of of the Neos/mukluks allows for better blood circulation to your toes.

    Others prefer the giant insulated Trans-Alaska boot from cabelas or the northern outfitters boot. I can't speak to either of these because I've never tried them.

    For most of my winter outdoors travel both on snogo or mushing I generally wear bunny boots, sized 1 size too big with a bama sock liner over my regular wool socks. Since I spend so much time in areas where overflow can pop up I prefer the bunny boots as if you do get them wet on the inside, you can just shake/wipe the water out, put on a new pair of dry socks and liner booties and continue on your merry way with slightly damp socks rather than soaked foot wear. With Bunnys, when it is really cold, below -30 or so, I find that my feet do start to get a little cold after 4-6 hours out if I'm not doing something to get the blood moving and create a little heat every so often.

    Hope that helps.

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    steger muklucks.

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    Black bunny boots. They aren't as "puffy" as the white ones. They are the only boot I've found that keep my feet from freezing standing around out on the ice for hours and hours.
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