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Thread: Which Prop set up

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    Question Which Prop set up

    I have had a couple of friends that have taken me out on airboats over the years. I see lots of different configurations of props. It seems like the wooden 2 blades are the weakest, at least that don't seem to have the power of the others. The six blade set up is quieter, and a little stronger than the 2 blade. I really like the fat three blade set up, it seems the strongest of what I have witnessed. I have never been on the big four blade set ups.

    You folks that run air boats on the Sag and other rivers, what set up do you like best and why? Like I said, I have never owned an airboat, but I really enjoy them. The props are more fascinating to me than which engine. Thanks for any insight and/or opinions!
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    I run 2 big fat blades. The move alot of air but are loud.
    Seems the newer design of small thin counter rotating props are quiet and more efficient.
    From what I gather by listening to others with more experience it sounds like every few years a "breakthrough" in technology becomes the latest rage in design that everybody wants to have. But that's the story with any of our "toys" be it wheelers, sleds, etc...
    The older designs still work fine but they are not the latest and greatest!

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    To get the best prop you need to also know which engine and which reduction to match it to. Different props work better on different set ups. As a general rule of thumb IMO the the blade composite wide blade is the best all around prop. I really like the whisper tip that whirl wind makes. I also like the super wide master blaster on a 2.3 ration for excellent low end push and low noise. You really need a minimum of about 350 H.P. to swing a 3 blade whisper tip. You need a min. 425 H.P. to swing the 3 blade master blaster. I am not a fan of the super noisy skinny warp drive props but I have been told they work the best on the aircraft engines. check out and you can learn alot more prop info.

    We ran a 5 Blade super wide on my Dad's 750 H.P. boat and it had crazy thrust, we switched it back to a 3 blade and gained more speed had what we felt was a better balance of all around performance.
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