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Thread: School Bus Strikes Moose in South Anchorage

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    Post School Bus Strikes Moose in South Anchorage

    The article below explains the reason for the loud thud and gunshots heard while getting ready for work yesterday morning. As I departed the neighborhood, noticed a couple of guys in the meadow with a truck and trailer parked beside the road. Hopefully, the meat went to a good cause.


    Anchorage Daily News
    Oct. 4, 2010

    School bus strikes moose in South Anchorage

    An Anchorage school bus ran into a bull moose on Abbott Road just east of Lake Otis Parkway around 7:30 a.m. today, seriously injuring the moose and damaging the bus, said Anchorage police and school district officials.

    There were no children on the bus. The driver had just dropped off students at Service High School and was getting ready to begin an elementary school route, said Heidi Embley, school district spokeswoman. It was a short bus, not a full-sized one, she said.

    The driver was not injured.

    A police officer shot the moose, said Anchorage Police Department spokesman Lt. David Parker.

    People should be aware that moose aren't always as alert in the roadway as they should be at this time of year, Parker said. "This is season when moosies are more interested in girlfriends than traffic," he said.

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    "It was a short bus, not a full-sized one, she said."
    "The driver was not injured." ...

    Must have been wearing his/her helmet... I know I'm bad :)

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    "moosies" ????????


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