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    Default North Suicide Peak

    Last summer a group of us wanted to climb North Suicide; however, the chute up to North Suicide looked difficult even though the local hiking books describe that route. We thus altered our plans & climbed to the top of South Suicide. What a spectacular panaramic view! One of the best in the Chugach.

    Now this summer we want to add North Suicide to our peak bagging. It looks to me like the chute up North Suicide has had avalanche damage since the guide books wrote of that summit path. So we were thinking of climbing up
    the south side of the Windy Pass skywalk connecting South & North Suicide and then going across there.

    Anyone with any North Suicide experience or advise?

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    That's the route I would probably take, Cat. What books are you looking at? While "A Walkabouts Guide" doesn't specifically have a section on N. Suicide, he write that one can summit S. Suicide and then follow the ridge down to Windy Gap and continue up N. Suicide. It would be one heck of a long day, but probably doable.


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    Default N. Suicide

    I think it was 50 Hikes.

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    Default North Suicide

    I did S. Suicide and N. Suicide on an overnighter a couple summers ago. Went in from the Rabbit Lakes Side. Camped overnight at Rabbit Lake with my wife. NExt morning, climbed to Windy Gap, up S. Suicide, down then up N. Suicide, and then back to camp and hiked out. It would be doable in a day, but a very punishing day. You could also do a traverse by hiking in Falls Creek to S. Suicide and then N. Suicide and out Rabbit Lakes, or even McHugh.

    Funny thing about summitting those two peaks in one day is that my wife stayed in camp while I climbed. We had the place mostly to ourselves when I left. Then from the summit of N. Suicide I looked down on a small tent city. My wife ended up surrounded by the boy scouts. So much for peace and solitude. It was pretty dang funny.

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    Default Suicides

    We camped out at Rabbit Lakes when we did South Suicide. Then hiked the traverse the next morning down to McHugh. I've camped at Rabbit Lakes numerous times & have seen numerous boy scouts!

    Thanks for the info! We'll do N. Suicide this summer across Windy Gap. That shoot down South Suicide was sure a fun ride, like telemarking! We had to do it one at a time for safety.

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    Default Definitely Doable

    That's a blast, have fun!

    A friend and I made a day trip out of the Suicides by biking the rabbit lakes trail which saved a TON of time. It's slow going initially with all the rocks and narrowness of the trail (cow parsnip close to trail), but after a short battle with that, you can fly past the south side of Ptarmigan Peak all the way to the lakes.

    We parked our bikes and then headed for Hauser's Gully (I assume the same way you went) up to the summit of South Suicide, then made the Traverse across Windy Gap to North Suicide. Eventually we went down the Gully on N. Suicide to save time. Note, the gully on N. Suicide seemed quite a bit steeper than Hauser's, especially near the top...just make sure you take turns moving because the talus/rocks there tumble quite a bit. There are plenty of little places to skirt off to the side while your hiking partners decend. Also, the top of N. Suicide required about a 10-15 feet scramble/climb, but it's really not that bad.

    I've also climbed S. Suicide from the Falls Creek Trail, which is a completely different experience....5,000ft of elevation gain and you start in the woods. Same summit, but the rest of the hike is nothing the same. FYI - the hidden part of Indianhouse Mountain, which you see going up from Falls Creek, is gorgeous and often houses dozens of Dall Sheep.

    Best of luck to you! I'm jealous...wish I could move back up there.
    Take care

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    Yeah, that chute up N. Suicide looked really steep. We had to go down Hauser 1 at a time for safety. But the scree skiing was fun!


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