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Thread: WOW what a story!!

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    Default WOW what a story!!

    I'm not so sure I believe all of this but....

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    I hope this reminds everyone to use some common sense when outdoors: Try not to go anywhere alone, lest something happen to prevent you from returning safely. Be prepared for weather and wildlife. Keep your cell phone in a pelican or similar waterproof case or at the very least, a zip lock bag. I don't know how many times I've read or heard of a bear (or in this case, bears) that did not act in the "traditional" manner. I always expect bears to be unpredictable, which is their nature. So keep a weapon if you choose. Often times people get in a situation and are afraid to leave because they have nothing to defend themselves with. Flashlight (brighter the better) and flares certainly help your odds especially at night. A small stove and some soup can really help warm up a chilled body. Just some thoughts to help you be prepared, even if it's just a "day trip"...

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    Default Don't bears in pairs tend to be more agressive ?

    I hav heard many stories from older people about multiple bear attacks, all it would take is for a pair to learn the advantage of team work.
    There have even been private footage of pairs of bears rampaging through a camp like two homeless dopers.
    Animals that pack are more agressive, even domestic dogs turned wild.
    Emagine ,if the cell phone had failed, what then?
    People become so dependant on electronics, but are not prepared to make due with out them.
    On top of that calling for a helicopter in that kind of weather puts more people in jepordy.
    I was in sheriff's search and rescue 5 years in the San Bernidino mountains. almost every incedent was the result of the lack of preparedness, or out right stupidity. and what was the more frustrating is that I was usually the only one out of 10, carrying a pack, with the required gear, every one else borrwing and assuming only to be out only one nite, which was not always so.
    That was 18 years ago, and yes I would have a gps and a sat phone.
    if I were going in the woods now ,but I wouldn't depend on them exclusively.
    This is the stuff I pack now. GPS, 2 meter440 radio,
    Map and paper and pencil, compass w/mirror, knife,hatchet ,stone(diamond lap) butane lighter,flint,vasoline in cotton balls, gasoline stove(lid is a pot) Ruger.44 mag. poncho and 2 liners,30gal trash bag, section of plastic for ground cloth and other applications, water& filter,presorted MREs,instant coffee tea,cocoa, romin,salt&pepper, vitamins,pain reliever, first aid kit and trauma,t/p, nytrel gloves,dish soap, rope and climbing gear, super glue , duct tape,LED flash lights,Hand generator light radio charger combo, wool golves or mittens, sox,gaters, snow shoes in winter,silk long jons and wool pants ,camera batteies, trail marker,marker-smoke,zip loc bags,book on edible plants, New with second hand and time minder ring, dark glasses,shooting glasses,quick hearing protection,the chosen rifle for the hunt,communicate to a friend, wherre i am headed and when i am to be expected back and how long to wait if late.And provide discription of what I am wearing and a sign trap to show the type of shoe print I leave, if S&R have to be called in. and stick to the plan I gave.


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