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Thread: 89 Phazer long track upgrade

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    Default 89 Phazer long track upgrade

    i have an 89 phazer, i tink 116 track, anyone upgrade to a 136 on a phazer, if so how, whole suspension from another machine, thanks ahead of time,,,,

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    Call Tom Hartman at Hartman Inc. (208) 468-1073. He has been making long track kits for Yamahas for many years. He used to have rail extensions for the old style Phazers, however I didn't see them listed on his web site. I bought and installed his rail extensions on a Mountain Max a few years ago. His step by step instructions were easy to follow. Tom was very helpful the couple of times I talked to him. He may still have a set or two of the extensions you need laying around. He could tell you if the suspensions from the long tracked Phazers will fit in the shorter tunnels, or what it would take to adapt them. Check out his web site then give him a call. Good luck on your project.


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