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Thread: 500 Smith & Wesson in a rifle

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    Question 500 Smith & Wesson in a rifle

    Has anyone out there built or have experience with a RIFLE chambered for 500 S&W? I am very impressed with the 500 and the 460 S&W on the X Frame revolver and think it would be a real Hoot to Shoot out of a Marlin 1895 or similar action. A short action bolt rifle would be a thought with a 16 - 18" barrel and maybe set up with a scout configuration or ghost ring sights for a super bush rifle. New England Arms makes a single shot in 500 Smith, But I just can't get into the H&R singles. Any thoughts?

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    I have a 21" barrel that I purchased from Match Grade Machine in 500 S&W for my Encore. Have not shot it yet, but probably will as soon as I get the boat launched this weekend. T/C is also making a 20" barrel in the Pro-Hunter configuration in 460 S&W. I might need to get one of these also to go along with my revolver. I think it's great to have a rifle and revolver that shoot the same cartridge. I will have to work up a load that will work good in both the revolvers and rifles.

    A marlin will more than likely not work with either of these cartridges because of the amount of pressure they are designed for. As far as a bolt gun, I don't think you will see any of those for some time to come as they would more than likely have to be a custom made item. Nothing wrong with a single shot rifle if you practice reloading it. You can actually become quite fast with a single shot if you have the time to dedicate to practice.

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    Default 500

    I think wild west guns is making one.I don't know what action they are using. Plus for cheap fun I know H&R has barrels for there little handi rifle in 500s&w.Horse


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