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Thread: Reloading for the .280

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    Default Reloading for the .280

    Howdy, anybody out there load for the .280? If so what has worked for you? I have not been able to get the published velocities out of mine yet, but really havent had the time to dig in and try many loads. Specifically, what powders are you using for 140-150 grn bullets?


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    Thumbs up 280 Rem.

    I,ve had some kind of 7mm. around here since 1975 have tried just about all of them and the 280 is a favorite, it,s not to particular about what you feed it and will do really well with bullets from 130 to 160 grain any of the 4831s or 4350s type powders will give you the most velocity and accuracy combination.My rifle prefers the IMR series the best but will shoot all the others as well just don't get the velocity from them as I do from IMR series powders.There are certainly many more powders out there that will will work well too these are just my favorites.My rifle will shoot just about anybodies bullet and the other rifles I've loaded for will to, that's the great thing about the 7mms they are very easy to work with and easy on the shoulder too.Hope this is of some help to you good shooting.....Ronnie

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    Hi Tom-
    I''ve loaded for two of them in the past, one a stock Rem 700 and the other a Douglas-barrelled semi custom built on an A303 Springfield action. Both were extremely easy to load for, I had great luck getting both the 139 and 162 grain Hornady Interlocks to shoot using H4350. I don't have my notes handy, but the loads were midrange loads 'straight out of the book'. I can't speak to velocity since I did not own a chronograph at that time, but groups were consistently 3/4" to 1".

    Hope this helps

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info Gentlemen. I have treid IMR 4831, 4350 and Hodgdon 4831. So far, IMR 4831 seems slightly better than the rest. I might give RL19 a shot. Hmm, the endless possibilities to find that "sweet" load.


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