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Thread: preferred skinning method for life size mounts

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    Default preferred skinning method for life size mounts

    Heading up the the great wet north in a couple weeks and luck permitting will be bringing back a brown bear and wolf. Looking to do life size mounts of each. For skinning out the animals what is the preferred method - belly cut of dorsal cut for each. Thanks for the guidance.

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    I would recommend you ask that question of the taxidermist who will be doing your mounts.
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    Default Dorsal cut preferred

    The taxidermist prefers the dorsal cut for life size mounts. Is that practical for a brown bear, hopefully a really large brown bear?

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    It depends on the type of mount you are haveing done. Example if your bear is standing looking back over its shoulder a split up the belly would be the best. So as stated before talk to your taxidermist. But we can fix just about anything, if you want to pay the extra.

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