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Thread: Neck knives and sheaths

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    Default Neck knives and sheaths

    I seem to have this strange affection for neck knives. Here are a couple I have finished up in the last couple of days. The smaller blade I picked up somewhere and added a few minor modifications to make it more user-friendly. The larger knife I made from the blade of an old bowie knife I had laying around. Kydex has become yet another hobby of mine. This stuff is awesome. I made both of these sheaths from .060 kydex, and added some gutted 550 cord to hang them by.

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    Excellent job on both the knives and sheaths, they look very handy and i'm sure will serve you well in the field!!

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    How do you keep the knife from falling out of the sheath. I am assuming that they hang around your neck with the handle down. Great looking knife and sheath!
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    The kydex is form fitted to the knife so it won't fall out. I have a neck knife also but cannot remember who i bought it from, someone off of Bladeforums.

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    Default Spring trap neck knives......

    I like your neck knives and the sheaths. Sometime ago I read about spring trap knives so I thought I would give it a try. Here's a couple of my first attempts.....................



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