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Thread: Home Built Fish Cooler Carrier

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    Default Home Built Fish Cooler Carrier

    I bought a yakima bike rack at a yahd sale, bought a utility basket from craigslist (both dirt cheap). I took a sawzall and cut down the height of the bike rack's 2in. square tube frame, took of all the bike rack crap, remounted the bike rack fork. Then......I clamped the utility rack to the bike rack fork. It's freakin awsome for the beach too! It never gets caught up on the bad trails like those junk ones that plug in ur receiver and sit down low. This on rides high, handles 3-4 coolers chock full o salmon and would be real good for the suv's having no truck bed to put the fish in......and can see out ur rear view mirror and see just fine while still being able to "SEE" the rack and monitor it. It'll serve many yrs. of dip nettin. Oh a yakima can pull the pin to lower the rack out of the way to open the truck bed.....BAM! Cheapy custom success!
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    That is a pretty cool little rig you made there, nice work!

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    A+ Mainer....a few more pics might be OK


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