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    Default Prop suggestions

    You lucky few out there that have taken delivery of thair GC and have been running them for a while what prop would you suggest that I start with.
    She is 28' x 10' with 2 tanks, twin 200hp. I will be running with 6 people and 1 tank of fuel or up to 4 adults and 2 fuel tanks full. Either way the loads should be fairly equal.
    Also where would you suggest I go to purchase the props?
    Thanks for any help, it will be nice to have somewhere close to start.

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    I am running 14.25 x17 solas 4-blades on my 250's. I really like the way the 4-blades perform and feel. I am going to raise my motors up a bit. I believe that they were mounted too low. At cruise my ventilation/cavitation plate is absolutely buried. It should be at the surface getting "splashed". I may end up jumping up in pitch after I raise the twins up. Who sells props down in Seward? I supect that when you find that iut, you can swap out props until you find the ones that work best for you. I would shoot for a WOT RPM in the uper range say 5800-6K with a normal load. Your engines will thank you for that it the long run. These guys are a wealth of information, too: propgods
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    Default props

    What benefits do the 4 blade props offer?
    27' on order with twin 150's, should be done soon (4 months ago!) lol.
    I would like to be ready for my winter boat trip so any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Default Still tuning her in

    Im going from a 14.25 x 17 to a 14.5 x 15. I should know how she runs when I get home on the 9th. With the 1st set I couldnt get over 5300 RPM. I hope to get close to 6000 with the new set. Hope this is the last set I have to play with. As for the 4 blade over 3 I couldnt tell you what the diference is. I havnt tried the 3 blade.


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