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Thread: Clutch for 96 ski-doo scandic 500

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    Default Clutch for 96 ski-doo scandic 500

    I need a clutch for 96 ski-doo scandic. It is fan cooled and the engine size is a 500. I am hoping to get a used clutch off a broken down machine close to the same year (96). They want more for a new clutch then my sled is worth. The 600 liquid cooled engines had a little different clutch. I tried the wreck sled shops in town (Anchorage/Valley) but nobody has one for the 500. I would like to get back out ice fishing as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Comet clutches...

    Look into Comet aftermarket clutches. May find something there that will work for you.


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