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    Default Fly box and inserts system...

    Finally found the time to finish this project. I still have to add a lot of my flies to the inserts but I figured now is a good time to post pics and info so if someone else likes this or anything they could do it before the summer starts.

    After deciding I needed a better way to organize my flies I thought of ways to make inserts that would fit into the front pocket of my fishpond chestpack. That way I could swap out inserts based on hatches, rivers, time of year, etc. Along with that I would need fly boxes to hold the inserts because my chest pack only holds one. Which then made me think I would need a bigger case to hold the inserts I'm not using at that time.
    I found the C&F system and Scientific Anglers System X online but both were very expensive, 6 inserts, plus the case and three fly boxes would have cost me $200. So I set out to do it much much cheaper (and my inserts are much bigger than the C&F ones).

    So here's the pics and how I did it.......
    I found foam door hangers at Hobby Lobby. The foam matched exactly in thickness and density with the foam I already had in my fishpond pack. So I cut them out to match in size, basing the size from the first one that I have:

    Then for some of them I used a box cutter to cut out the "slats" for fly hooks to be inserted into. I also left some just whole because I seem to like those for certain flies too.

    As you can see it's all up to you what size and shape you make the cut-outs. The white one it working great for my streamers and wooly buggers.

    Once I cut out the pieces I started looking for something to back them up with for support. It had to be thin, a little flexible but not too much, and cheap. To my astonishment this is what worked best:
    I found a good use for these signs after all

    Cut out a piece to fit the foam and used gorilla glue to bond them together:

    Once the glue dried I cut it out and placed 3 velcro strips on the back:

    Inserts are now done once I repeated those steps a dozen times. Now I had to make the case and fly boxes.

    I found this felt material with a sticky back for 59 cents a sheet at hobby lobby that attaches to velcro nicely:

    Also found this clear case (8.99 I think) that I placed the felt material into:

    The fly boxes I found at sportsmans warehouse for $4 each:

    I ripped the foam out carefully, used a hair dryer to heat up the glue and make it easier, so that I could use that foam for other inserts too:

    Placed the felt material into the fly boxes:

    Done. Now all I had to do was start filling it up and making sure the the weight of the flies wouldn't be too much for the smaller strips of velcro. Worst case I might replace those later, but that will be easy.
    Here's more pics:

    I'll have to calculate the total cost, but I'm estimating less than $30-40 in materials.

    Please feel free to comment, critic, post questions, or whatever

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    Great post.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.

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    Thumbs up Looks great!

    That’s cool, very easy to find them that way.

    Thanks for going to the trouble to post it, you put a lot of work into this post also.


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    very creative, I love it. Thanks for sharing--great pics
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