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    Just got back from Wasilla gun show. Pretty good turnout,alot of people getting in on this one,hope it aint the last. I thought most of the modern rifles were priced decent. One guy was selling DPMS's for 700$ and had 6 sold in 15 minutes, the rest of the AR's were around the $1,000 mark. I'm hoping tomorrow there may be a few more deals floating around.

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    Default Crowded

    That was a pretty poor layout they had. Arse hole to elbow. I spent more time waiting to get by than looking.
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    I was there around 2:00 and the place was pretty packed with people. Looked like a solid turn out to me.

    Definately didn't see any $700 AR's. I'm sure the less expensive AR's were out the door in the first hour. I think I saw only couple AR's under $1,200.

    Thought most of the modern rifle were price decent as well. Thought most of the handguns I could get for the same price or cheaper about any day of the week. Didn't see any great deals overall. I'm sure there were a couple around though.

    Signed up for a two year membership with the NRA. Also picked up a Forschner steaking knife, so I spent a little money at the show.

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    I think we got there about 11:30. Agree, lots of people so a good turn out. Lots of people selling coins. Rifle prices were not too bad. Gunrunners was selling Wolf .223 ammon at a good price and ran out. I bought a tactical scope for an AR and my daughter got a good deal on a decent hunting knife. She's determined that I take her on a spring bear hunt and wants to skin the bear herself. I did see some good deals in guns but you had to look around.


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