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    Default Proenneke

    Long winter, great read.

    PDF file is about 48megs.

    Also "Alone in the Wilderness" is a great flick with original footage from 1969. Just watched it. Well worth the coin.
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    Default Proenneke: +1

    So well thought out, how he would accomplish each step, becoming familiar with the land before depending on it through a winter. So many steps done so carefully. In a way, I thought the way he built his fireplace symbolized his approach to everything. Amazing life. Reminds me of something I read that said we're losing the art of life to the pace of life.

    Thank you for the suggestion about Alone in the Wilderness too. I didn't know about it before.

    I enjoyed reading the story of Heimo Korth in The Final Frontiersman also.
    Very different approach to living in the wilderness. In some ways a very lucky man to still be alive, but he found something worthwhile after all.

    Have a good winter - only 6 more months (or so) to go!

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    I presently live and work close to Lake Clark

    Default Dick Proenneke

    Was my neighbor when he was alive, as was Jay Hammond,former Gov. of Alaska. I still live here by Lake Clark and visit Dick's cabin once in awhile during the winter. I don't like going in the summer because there are to many tourists that come there to see his cabin.


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