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Thread: can anyone tell me why food items can not be shipped to alaska

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    Default can anyone tell me why food items can not be shipped to alaska

    can anyone tell me why amazon and a couple other online food stores will not shiped to a alaska address ..there company polices says they can not ship any food items into the state ..but the web site will ship to address up there
    i put in my new zip code number and it say they can not ship any food items to the address listed about
    that realy makes me mad about the some of the food items caiuse i realy do enjoy shopping on amazon web site for some items

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    Cabelas also wont ship food here unless it is dried. the potential for late delivery is to great for them to have to replace spoiled food. I have tried several times to purchase the holiday wild game packs and offed to pay extra for shipping .. but the policy is NO until Alaska can get a better delivery system. as it is now we have to many rural address that even though Anchorage may get it next day. it is still another day to Fairbanks, and 2 -3 more out to a smaller town or village.. thus allowing for greater chance of spoilage..

    at least thats was how they explained it to me.
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    this was about some can goods typle and jars of peanut butter that i like ..
    so it not like there a chance of spoilage ..the peanut butter that i like will shipped it to me saight to me up there ..
    there is a company its a wharehouse typle that will ship up there..they have a brunch of diff items as need for the household


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