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Thread: First mush of season on river

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    Default First mush of season on river

    Earlier than normal freezeup here and got out with most of the team on the river the other day, followed fox tracks most of the way which made things easier as I didn't have to gee and haw my leader too much to get her to run close to shore and off the gravel bars:

    Was pretty bright out and hard to get any good pics. Here's one of the way back, ended up going 3 miles downriver then back home:

    Been out hauling wood too with five dogs but still rough going overland, have maybe five inches of snow now:

    Anyway, just wanted to share some of the first mushing pics of the season. Dogs are rearing to go and gonna be a bit before they are in shape for long days on the trail.
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    Default Great pics

    Tis the season thanks mr. bushrat
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    I always love your pictures Mark. We took teams out two weeks ago with the 4 wheelers. It almost sent me to the chiropractor lol. I'm such a wimp. We got early snow but still not enough for sleds on our trails.
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