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Thread: REDHOUSE TV - Looking For Building Projects

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    Redhouse TV is an independent production company, based in England.

    We have been looking at the fantastic projects discussed on these boards and have been inspired to make a series documenting the building process. We would love to find similar projects, that we can film, to show the amount of hard work, talent and skill that goes into building them.Ideally we are looking for large scale building projects that are starting in the next few months, that we will be able to follow until completion. We're looking for people who are battling against the elements to build their dream retreat.

    The team here has a lot of experience in bringing epic building projects to the screen, having created the award winning 'Grand Designs' series here in the UK.

    So if think you might like to take part or would like any more information, then please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or through the message board.

    We look forward to hearing from you,


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    Thumbs up I have an idea

    This sounds interesting. How much time have you got? I am still in the land clearing stage of an ocean bluff lot. I will have to identify and cut some house logs next. In between peeling them I will have to get the foundation in, along with a septic system. As soon as I have that then I can think about a well.
    Once I get the logs peeled, I figure about 100 will do, then we can get to work.
    To be honest the time a guy has just never seems to be enough to get it all done. There will be snow on the ground in a few months and the depth I get will slow construction. That's when I can move my other cabin down to that lot.
    If taking the next 2-3 years is too long for you maybe we could compress things a bit. Since you are going to be paying a film crew all that time it would pay you to hire me some help. I have a lead on a good crew that can get it all done, but they ain't cheap. I figure we could get the walls done and a roof on if we hire enough guys.

    I guarantee bear, moose and fish pictures for your viewers.

    Let me know when you want to start!
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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