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    Anybody have any good advice for hiking on Admiralty Island. We are going to do a hike up Admiralty Creek to Young Lake. I was just wondering if it is a difficult with all the bear population.


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    take bear spray or a short barrel shotgun with slugs. Lots of salmon go up the creek and the bears will be around. make plenty of noise and take your cell phone in case you need to call someone.

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    Thumbs up youngs lake

    Been there a couple times. First time was sept. and we anchored the skiff in the creek and the bears tore it all to peices and it sank. We hiked up in the rain and the trail was knee deep with mud with short stretches of real trail and boardwalk here and there. There was a lot a lot of deadfall on the trail. We had a weeks worth of gear and it took us 5 hours to get up there. We both are physicly fit and steady hikers. It rained the whole time were up there. Whe got one doe close to the cabin and just fished and relaxed the last 3 days. The cutthroats dont get any bigger than 12 inches up there but we did get some cohos. On the way down the trail totaly washed out and there was bear crap every five feet. The cell phone only works from the beach. We made lots of noise and didnt see any bears till we got to the beach. Forget the spray and bring a large rifle and some bells or just holler out often thats what we did. We had to call ward air to come and get us at the beach. The second time we went we flew in. Look for the "Doemasters" entry in the cabin log sept of 05 or 06 cant remember now. Its a nice place to spend a couple days though if you dont mind a little plane noise.


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