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    Default Moving family

    I am a 25 year old father of three.
    I am tired (like so many) of the race we all run to maintain our lifestyles and the toll this takes on our families.
    My wife and I have been discussing the option of moving to Alaska (or somewhere similiar) and pursueing a closer to the land and more importantly closer to each other lifestyle.
    We are Christians conservatives and are not looking to get back to nature and go green (no offense, I just want to make it clear we are looking for a closer family) although this is inevitable.
    How should we go about this? What areas are condusive to this? She does want electricity and running water to start with but we need to be out enough to hunt effectively and have land available for doing this (public land??)
    I have extensive experience in hunting, carpentry, farming, etc...
    We are not going into this blindly but with the hope of bettering our family for the future. I am scared of the thought of my children's children and how they will be. We are taking a step back I believe with out modern society. I am wanting to escape the rat race of working to maintain our conveniences although I understand they make some parts of life much easier.

    Please offer advice, we understand this is very hard and are thinking about it long and hard.

    I am currently in pre-med at a university and have a great future ahead of me. But the future is all me, not what my family needs to grow closer.

    The dream of leaving in the morning and taking my sons to go hunt or trap or gather firewood leaves me with a smile every time. I hope I do not forget the hardships involved with these tasks in this environment.

    Thank you,

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    Default Welcome to the Boards!


    Welcome to the Outdoors Directory board! I hope that you can find that this site will be incredibly helpful. Just jump in and ask many, many questions.

    I had answered this recently for someone else on the general discussion board, but since you can't see that for a month and have a couple of posts under your belt, I'll answer your questions freely here as well.

    First off, we, too, are conservative Christians. We send our children currently to public school, although I am open to homeschooing them as well. We have 3 children as well. 9, 7, and 5.

    We also have a great church, too. I think that it helps tremendously in living in our part of Alaska.

    Living this Alaskan life has definitely made us all closer. We depend more on each other and especially times that it's 40 below outside, we know that we have to take care of one another.

    Because you are in school for pre-med, I am assuming that you are probably going to living close to Anchorage. They have a pre-med school out there and what's good is that you will be closer to a 'city' that has city attributes.
    If you are interested in moving someone in Alaska that is more remote, the state is what you make of it.
    Personally, we live far away enough where we have our own space, close enough to where neighbors can still somewhat walk over to our house, but far enough from Fairbanks where we do not have city water or pollution fumes.

    About the weather, a dependable site would be for weather. Fairbanks is colder in the winters and warmer in the summers than Anchorage. Anchorage is more like mild winters (in my personal opinion) and soggy summers since they are coastal. We have real nice days here in the summer time while Anchorage, it might be raining.

    Anchorage would also be a good place if you want to live close to a city and be close to mountains and many outdoors things to do. Fairbanks has great things to do, but it all takes planning to go somewhere outdoors.

    I hope that some of these answered your questions. You could feel free to PM me as well if you have additional questions, or just post them here and I"ll try to visit back to see if you have posted anything.

    Hang in there, too. Making that move from the Lower 48 up here to AK is not an easy one... especially with children... and a wife.
    Oh... and book suggestions.
    For your wife:
    After the Boxes Are Unpacked by Susan Miller
    For your children:
    Recess at 20 Below by Cindy Lou Aiuland (sp??)

    Let me know if that helps.


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