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Thread: Reed Lakes trail conditions??

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    Default Reed Lakes trail conditions??

    Anyone have info on the Reed Lakes trail in the Hatcher Pass area? would sure like to do a little backpacking trek that way but unsure about snow. Appreciate any info.

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    The Reed Lakes are good to go. I have been up in Archangel Valley twice lately, and all of the snow is restricted to higher altitudes. You should not encounter any unless you really stray off the beaten path. Everything is blooming and lush up there, absolutely beautiful. Those mountains did not get as much snow as the Chugach last winter, so they melted a lot earlier. Hope it's helpful! Enjoy your hike!

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    Default Recent Reed pics

    These pictures from ten days ago indicate that summer is just starting to arrive at the lakes.

    I'm sure that its mostly melted out by now.

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    Just went on the Reed Lakes trail 10 days ago. Only made it to the first lake. Still some ice on the lake, but snow is not an issue. Not sure what things look like up high, but you should be good to go without spending time in the snow and ice.

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    thanks so much for the info!!


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